Dallas Cowboys BREAKING: CeeDee Lamb OUT For Raiders; Did Not Clear Concussion Protocol

11:57 25/11/2021

The NFL has created a five-step “return-to-participation process,” and Lamb did not pass.

FRISCO – CeeDee Lamb “will practice today,” Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said on Wednesday morning, another “step” in the five-step concussion protocol process that could see him returning to the field on Thursday.

“He hasn’t missed a step,” McCarthy said. “If he’s able to keep progressing, we see him being available.”

There is optimism as Lamb is hoping to play after a short week in Thursday’s Thanksgiving game against the visiting Raiders. But when McCarthy said “steps,” he is speaking literally about the process.

And why will he practice today? Because to play tomorrow, he must, by rule, practice today.

McCarthy on Tuesday morning said of Lamb, who banged his head on the end-zone turf in Sunday’s loss at Kansas City, “He’s in the meetings. He’ll probably get to the point where he can do some light field work today.”

Later in the day, the Cowboys – who are already going to be without Amari Cooper (COVID) for this game – released their practice/injury report, and Lamb was listed as a “DNP.” (See full report, including Tyron Smith and Ezekiel Elliott, here.)

But that’s not the bad sign some have taken it as.

The NFL has created a five-step “return-to-participation process,” and a review of that process helps us understand the significance of “light field work” and why Lamb must, in essence, “practice football” today.

Step 1: Rest and limiting activities.

Step 2: A graduated aerobic exercise program.

Step 3: Football-specific activities and supervised strength training.

Step 4: Non-contact training drills that can include throwing, catching and running.

Step 5: Take part in full football practice, followed by clearance from the team physician and then an independent neurological consultant.

Today marks that exact step.

Five steps. Flip back to Step 4, and it seems to fit McCarthy’s “light field work.” Advance to Step 5, and you see: There is no “scoop” on what CeeDee Lamb must do on Wednesday in order to play on Thursday. For the good of the player, it’s a literal by-the-book process.


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