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Time to worry about the 2-3 𝐊𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐚𝐬 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲 Chiefs? Plus, my favorite upset pick for Week 6

NFL franchises use contextualized data to create competitive advantages. In order to realize an edge, teams need to employ the right data in the right way at the right time. This means distilling, interpreting and applying only the most influential data in a framework that accounts for personnel, opponents and evolving game situations. My goal is to be YOUR analytics department. Each week this season, I want to work for you by providing a peek into which numbers flag in my models as the most impactful ... or the most misunderstood.

Tyron Smith on Injury Report for Neck, Status for Sunday?

Still one of the best in the business in his 11th year, Tyron Smith has enjoyed a great season so far in 2021. But suddenly yesterday, the Cowboys star left tackle appeared on the team’s injury report with a neck issue. Given Tyron’s history, this is a cause for major concern in Dallas.

Power Rankings: Cowboys Moving Towards The Top

Once the finals seconds tick off the clock of Monday Night Football, it's officially a new NFL week, and all the experts and prognosticators have all the results they need to decide which teams are the top contenders at this exact moment in time.

Hυƴệп Ɓυôп Đôп: Ƭɾι̇ểп ƙҺaι̇ пҺι̇ềυ ᴄҺốᴛ ƙι̇ểɱ ȿoáᴛ ɗ.ịᴄҺ ƙҺυ ⱱựᴄ ցι̇áƥ ɾaпҺ Һυƴệп Ϲư M’ցaɾ

Ƭɾướᴄ ᴛìпҺ ҺìпҺ ɗι̇ễп bι̇ếп ɗịᴄҺ bệпҺ ƥҺứᴄ ᴛạƥ ᴛɾêп địa bàп Һυƴệп Ϲư M’ցaɾ, ցι̇áƥ ɾaпҺ ⱱớι̇ ᴄáᴄ xã Ϲυôɾ Ν‌ι̇a, Ea Weɾ ⱱà Ea Hυaɾ (Һυƴệп Ɓυôп Đôп), UƁΝ‌Ɗ ᴄáᴄ xã пàƴ đã ᴛҺàпҺ ℓậƥ пҺι̇ềυ ᴄҺốᴛ ƙι̇ểɱ ȿoáᴛ ɗị.ᴄҺ b.ệпҺ Ϲ.ՕƲ.IƊ-19.

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